Alla faccia /ælə fətʃæ/. Italian expression for: 1 “In the face of”, "in opposition to". 2 "Gosh", “Gee”.


“Alla faccia” (something like “I wish somebody feels it in his face”) is an Italian expression implying enemies. Here we don’t take seriously the very concept of “enemy”. In this blog we embrace self-doubt, and try to always see the plank rather than the speck of sawdust. We believe in thought and embrace point of view. And debate, debate, debate, with passion (even yelling) and possibly around an espresso. If we are lucky, we might even come up with some useful ideas for a rich and harmonious society.

I am based in North Carolina. I strive to find local people, businesses and organizations who make a difference. I am a filmmaker, so this wants to be a visually-rich blog. But I also think we badly need articulated thought, in these days.  And this is what the written word does better. Hence Allafaccia is a traditional blog, too.

If you read this “About” page, please know that I love you. Even more if you share your thoughts with me 🙂

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